Hardscaping Saratoga Falls, NYEvery hardscape is a combination of softscaping and masonry features. The latter are also referred to as hardscaping. These elements have to be installed in the first phase of the project and they become the base or foundation of various other features in this space. It goes without saying that using good quality materials in the work ensures the stability and integrity of the landscaping.

Timber & Stone Construction provides excellent hardscaping services to customers in and around Saratoga Falls, Glen Falls, Hudson Falls, and Gansevoort. They also have a strong customer base in Corinth, Warrensburg, Wilton and Fort Edward. In addition, they cater to customers across Argyle, Moreau, as well as Milton. The different installations they can provide are:


Most outdoor spaces are exposed to the elements and it’s important that weather-resistant materials be used in the work. This ensures the structure will last for a very long time without any trouble. Landscapers use materials such as pavers in many features and these could be made of concrete, brick or natural stone.

Concrete Pavers

When you get any flooring installation on your property, you need to ensure it’s strong and resilient. With this in view, concrete pavers are an excellent material to use in outdoor kitchens, driveways, pathway, walkways, entranceways, poolscapes etc. You can choose from ones made of concrete, brick or natural stone and will find there are a large number of colors, shapes and sizes available to choose from.


Getting a patio installed is one of the best ways of adding to the functionality of your yard. It can be used as a relaxation or entertainment spot. You can leave it open to the air or get the space enclosed as required. It’s important to use strong, weather-resistant materials in the work as that ensures the longevity of the feature. Pavers can be used in the flooring as these are extremely strong and long-lasting.

Retaining Wall

A retaining wall is generally built to provide support to excavated parts of a slope or graded land in a landscape. It can have an in built planter/seat in the structure as this makes it a dual function feature. In some areas, a retaining wall can be built to demarcate spaces and it creates a very neat look in the outdoor areas of your property.


The best way to add to the beauty and functionality of a landscape is to hire professional landscapers to plan and install the features for you. They will understand your requirements; ensure that every area has the right demarcation and the right balance of hardscaping and softscaping. They will also provide detailed design plans and various material options provide all the information you need about the pros and cons of the materials. This helps you make a more well-informed decision.

When you are getting any hardscaping work done, you want to hire the best company for the job, like Timber & Stone Construction. Hiring experienced and skilled contractors for the job ensures that you get the best installations at a reasonable hardscaping cost.


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