Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls Saratoga Falls, NYSloping land on a property can be quite problematic when it comes to installing any outdoor features such as a driveway, pathway, outdoor kitchen, planters etc. While many of these elements are essential, leveled land is required to ensure there is a stable base for them. This necessitates that the slopes be excavated and the land be leveled properly. However, exposed soil and rocks can become problematic and retaining walls would have to be built to provide them support.

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Retaining Wall Blocks

These blocks are made of concrete and are modular units that fit into each other to create a retaining wall that’s sturdy and long-lasting. These blocks come in specific sizes and can be used to build walls of varying lengths and heights. If you don’t like the finish of bare concrete for these walls, the landscapers will clad them with stone or brick veneers.

Concrete Blocks

CMUs or concrete masonry units are the very economical materials that are used in the construction of retaining walls. These blocks are extremely hardy and they need very basic maintenance to keep them looking new and last for a very long time. If you want some variation in the appearance of these walls, veneer made of natural stone or brick can be affixed to the surface to improve their look.

Building A Retaining Wall

When you want to get a retaining wall constructed, you want to make sure that the best materials and workmanship are used in the work as that will ensure the installation lasts for a long time. This construction is a very specialized job and you need to hire expert and experienced professionals for the job. They will ensure the walls are engineered to perfection and that the structure is strong and stable.

Retaining Wall Design

The design of the retaining wall is important to the stability of the structure as well as its appearance. Many landscapers build walls that have dual functionality and they may include in-built seating or planter installations too. The retaining wall adds to the aesthetics of the property, provides proper demarcation and adds support to the landscape.

Block Wall

Retaining walls are also called block walls as they are largely built using concrete blocks. These walls are extremely resilient and long-lasting and can last for years with the least amount of maintenance. In some instances, retaining walls may be built using natural stone or brick as well.

When you are getting any retaining wall work done, you want to hire the best company for the job, like Timber & Stone Construction. Hiring experienced and skilled contractors for the job ensures that you get the best installations at a reasonable retaining wall cost.


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