ExcavationWe practice the exercise of excavation on a daily basis. When we construct hardscapes, plant trees and shrubs, or work on drainage solutions the first step usually involves some kind of moving the earth. Although we aren't recognized as a premier excavation contractor in the Capitol District we have almost every type of excavation job under our belt. Timber and Stone has Installed complete septic systems, cleared lots, cut in roads, designed and installed drainage systems and completed large cut and fill jobs. We have designed and built nature trails, worked on wetland and wildlife remediation sites and numerous demolition projects.

It's probably a no brainer for many that a Landscape/Hardscape outfit would be well versed in these circles. What sets us apart from most of our competition is the fact that we do not own too much specialized equipment which keeps our overhead low. With so many rental yards now offering a multitude of state of the art compact and full sized machines we choose to rent these as needed. This concept has lowered our operating costs immensely and we pass that along to our clients.

I feel that there is a synergy among many of the types of landscape projects such as grading, planting, hardscape, and drainage. You really need to think about the land and how the changes to make on it effects things like storm water runoff, standing water, and the effects of drainage on the home and surrounding structures. At Timber & Stone we strive to sort all this out and make sure your hardscapes and landscapes do not impede drainage and insure longevity of what we build. In most of todays residential developments and sub divisions that are built on hilly and swampy parcels (because flat well drained land is hard to come by these days) If the builder does not take care in your final grading scheme many problems will arise fast. Usually some basic excavation and drainage plans can solve most of these issues.

Here are Several of our local excavation projects we have worked on here in upstate N.Y. In wilton we installed a nature trail for walking, this job featured some very steep slopes and a couple bridges we needed to traverse a stream. We recently Installed a septic system in rural Saratoga Springs which had a complicated engineered system on a tricky lot. I love boulder-scaping and playing with large rocks. Every season we get to excavate these on site and place them where they are more likely to be seen and appreciated . In circumstances where there are no boulders or rocks onsite we simply truck them in. I have graded and scaped slopes in places like Clifton Park, Malta, Saratoga Springs, Saratoga Lake, Friends Lake and many more. Large and small Excavation/Demolition jobs are always fun, like removing inground and above ground pools or the removal and hauling away of decks and sheds .Again we have done too many of these to list. Almost every job we have been on has received drainage work as I believe drainage and hardscape go hand in hand. I would not be able to offer a three year warranty on hardscapes we build if I didn't excavate and install the proper drainage to protect these. Timber & Stone also has numerous lot clearing projects with many happy customers. These usually involve culvert setting, cutting in roads, tree removal, stump removal, drainage ditching and rough grading. Topsoil, final grading and raking followed up by seeding traditionally or hydroseeding is also a large part of our business. And lets not forget about laying sod, the instant gratification of a newly sodded lawn can't be beat! Oh and I can't forget a staple in my industry..Roof run-off and the plumbing of this to daylight, a drywell, or the city drain line. Again this is key to hardscape longevity. There are many more projects I haven't mentioned here that we can help you with, feel free to inquire about yours.