I don't know where to begin with the hardscape services we offer. We as a company have flourished along with this fast growing dynamic industry. The segmental retaining walls systems and paver brick products have drastically increased in scope and function. Residential landscaping and hardscaping products are at the forefront with the demand for more amenities to make outdoor living as comfortable as we enjoy inside our homes. I remember back in the 1990's a plain basic patio or wooden deck was the normal standard if you were lucky. Hardscaping projects as elaborate as today's were hard to find in Albany, Glens Falls, or even on the many lakefronts. These days you can find a firepit, seating wall, built in grille or even an outdoor kitchen in suburban neighborhoods like Loudonville, Latham, Clifton Park, Saratoga Springs, and many more. I think the need to stay at home and entertain is a rising trend and many would rather "staycation" than "vacation". At Timber & Stone we have over 20 years experience in the hardscape industry. Primarily in drylaid low maintenance designs. We got our start in Malta N.Y. working from our home and created a heavy client base in Ballston Spa, Wilton, Milton, Saratoga Springs, Lake George building retaining walls and laying patios as well as general landscaping and excavation. From large complicated walls on lakefront property to decks and patios in the hill towns such as Halfmoon, Stillwater or Ballston Lake we have done it all. I really enjoy what I do and Eat, Breathe and sleep thinking of my current or next challenging Hardscape design/build job. Large or small, simple or "all the bells and whistles" please let me bid your project!

You probably already know some of the exciting new features you can incorporate into your landscape but incase you don't here are a few examples. Patio's either at ground level or raised like a deck for starters. These may have unique 3 dimensional structures like planters, built in grilles, fire places, fire pits and tables as well as water features and outdoor lighting. Natural stone or the man-made blocks and bricks could be chosen. Some popular natural stone choices are bluestone, granite, fieldstone, and limestone. We work with all hardscape brands such as Belgard, Cambridge, C.S.T. Allan Block, Tech-Bloc Versa-lok and Unilock. If your unsure on which way to go I would be glad to educate you on the pros and cons of any system for your application. Pillars to mark an entrance, terminate seating and retaining walls, house lighting and support potted plants. We usually run low voltage accent lights under the pillar caps. The shadowing and texture exposing light effects are dramatic yet not glaring. The ambiance of the dim lights warm your hardscapes and bring life to them at night. Topping off the pillars with a custom cut and rockfaced bluestonecap is always a winning combination. Seating walls are gaining popularity especially on the perimeter of patios. They make the Patio feel warm and cozy whether at grade or raised, and they dry fast after a rain for seating your company while entertaining. Again the under cap low voltage lights can be used for accents and safety. I could spend all day talking about steps and stoops but I'll try to keep it short .We can build almost any shape or sized step system you can imagine out of modular or natural stone. Timber & Stone is well versed in local codes and we can even build custom wrought iron or simple aluminum railings. The types of steps that we get asked to build the most are modular concrete wall block for risers and capstones for treads, landings are usually a paver inlay to match patio medium. This creates a common theme throughout the project. Undercap lights are a no brainer too. One of my favorite step projects is on Saratoga Lake and due to the Raised elevation of first floor required 25 steps to facilitate entering at the two front doors! This job is featured in our T.V. commercial and you will also find pics in here and in our physical portfolio that I bring on consults. Bluestone treads are a great choice for you natural stone lovers and can be used over modular stone for a hybrid look .Or Traditional drylaid or mortared bluestone risers to match. Simple firepits are a mainstay on todays patio you can have us run a natural gas or propane line or keep it simple and burn wood. We can also run gasline for your built in grille and all water, waste lines and 110v or low voltage electric so your Outdoor kitchen can support any amenity you choose. Large fireplaces are a great focal point and gathering spot if you have deep pockets, fireboxes are optional. In the summer of 2012 we constructed an outdoor kitchen enclosed with a large pavilion and all the goodies for a client in Stillwater N.Y. This awesome project included 4 custom made pillars with bluestone caps and L.E.D. low voltage lighting. On top of the pillars sat 4 large vinyl columns that supported the mahogany ceiling and architectural shingles. We even mounted a ceiling fan and light hiding all wiring for a clean fit and finish. Under neath we built a custom L –shaped cook island from modular block to match pillars and topped it all with ubu tuba granite. Stainless steal cabinets, refridgerator, sink with plumbing and hot /cold water, and Bull grille made for fun entertaining. This was a fun project that your author spent many hours helping the guys and making sure the details were perfect.

Retaining walls are often a necessary evil here in the hilly and mountainous northeast. I have 2 decades of experience in this field. Timber &Stone often designs and builds retaining walls that the competition are scared of or simply don't have the experience to take on. Working with engineers on many of these projects we build them to stand the test of time through all four seasons of our crazy weather. No matter if it's a large granite boulder wall for a camp on Brant Lake Lake George , or the Hudson River, or a Versa-lok retaining wall built in Saratoga Springs we are up to the task.I would love to talk to you about your retaining wall project if you have any questions please call or email (518)-793-9304 or wlaisdell@roadrunner.com. We also have a face book page with all our most recent pictures @ Timber & Stone LLC.

Let's talk warranties for a minute. We have been in this business long enough to know how to build our hardscapes the right way the first time. This eliminates costly return visits from our crew and keeps customers happy which is priceless when you depend on "word of mouth" advertising. We take a lot of pride in offering one of if not the best hardscape warranty in the business. 3 years with no hassles or fine print and I often extend this for repeat customers. Having built hundreds of Walkways, walls pillars and patios Albany, Clifton Park, Malta, Ballston Spa, Wilton, Milton and many more locations I can look back and see how they endured over the years. Not only rain ,but spring floods , snow, wind, hurricanes and tornados. It's a good feeling having served so many and I hope to serve you in the future!